Krag-Jørgensen History

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The Rifle That Help Make America a Superpower

Nice article in National Interest about a classic Norwegian-designed American issue rifle.

Krags are still used in the Norwegian practical rifle competitive shooting event called Stangskyting (Stang shooting, named after Colonel Georg Stang) Competitors in that sport also developed speed loaders as well.

Bolt Action Rapid Fire

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From John Tate.

I found these videos when looking for reloading techniques for the Krag. Below are two videos of a practical rifle competitive shooting event in Norway called Stangskyting (Stang shooting, named after Colonel Georg Stang) with a relevant article. Things to notice:

  • This is clearly a spectator sport!
  • In the first video (and later, in the others, notice the technique of using the middle finger as trigger finger, and index for bolt operation. The was also used by the British and their Lee-Enfield rifle when shooting the “Mad Minute” drill.
  • Gas guns compete against bolt (as is the case in the US)
  • Some competitors (in particular in the first video) are using 1892 ~ 1898 vintage Krag Jorgensen rifles, and doing well.
  • Shooters are given a “time’s about out” notice just before the cease fire.
  • In the second video, at about the 9 minute mark, look at the technique of shooter #4, John Olav Agontnes (black jacket). Notice that, not only does his right elbow not move when cycling the bolt, it doesn’t move when he changes magazines. Also, notice that he won that relay. See article below.

Also of interest:

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