Magpul Dynamics – Art of the Dynamic Handgun, Part 2


I recommend taking a solid shooting course from respected instructor(s) to all gun owners, however, what you learn from the first class shows you 80% of the curriculum of nearly every other class. Much work can be done on your own for little cost, provided you have a brain and don’t need every piece of information spoon fed to you.


Consider Art of the Dynamic Handgun a class offered by Travis Haley and Chris Costa of Magpul Dynamics.


Review: Art Of Tactical Carbine, Volume 1


The Good

In terms of production value (videography, editing, etc.) this is easily one of the best shooting instructional DVDs I’ve seen. Chris Costa and Travis Haley are knowledgeable and charismatic, giving a wealth of potentially useful info on tactical/dynamic/fighting/combat/real-world/practical/[choose your descriptor] carbine shooting.

The Not So Good


Magpul Dynamics The Art of the Precision Rifle


Worthwhile quotes.

Today’s precision shooter has the weapons and equipment at their disposal to engage targets at extreme ranges, however, if you don’t utilize the fundamentals … you’re just creating expensive noise.

– Travis Haley

It’s not what we teach is what’s right because we don’t matter. What matters is where the bullet hit. The bullet is the truth. If you actually teach where the bullet hits, you can’t be wrong. Nobody can argue with you. They’re arguing where the bullet hit.

– Todd Hodnett, Accuracy 1st

Magpul Dynamics Art of the Dynamic Handgun, Part 1

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Travis Haley and Chris Costa of Magpul Industries are well known for their instructional classes, DVDs and impressive military backgrounds. So, how do these revered tactical trainers start off their high speed classes? Here is a review of one of their classes.


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