Negligent Discharge “Problem”


“Games’ll getcha killed!” An article recently opined about the “dangers” of competitive shooting yet again. This time it was a misplaced concern about competitors that actually train for speed and if this instills a bad habit of getting on the trigger too soon. See, shooting any faster than the glacially-slow standards enforced at novice-level department qualifications (if time is enforced at all) is worrisome so it must cause problems.

Review: Art Of Tactical Carbine, Volume 1


The Good

In terms of production value (videography, editing, etc.) this is easily one of the best shooting instructional DVDs I’ve seen. Chris Costa and Travis Haley are knowledgeable and charismatic, giving a wealth of potentially useful info on tactical/dynamic/fighting/combat/real-world/practical/[choose your descriptor] carbine shooting.

The Not So Good


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