Speed of Actual Engagements

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When required to do an El Presidente as one stage of an IDPA match I was running, three police officers who had come said, “But we had 30 seconds to do this in the Academy!”

My response was: “You can take 30 seconds here, too. You’ll just be last.”

The slow, low skill levels reinforced in many qualification courses could be called “an unrealistic speed that is not reflected in the speed of actual engagements.”

Police officer and competition shooter Ron Avery discusses this here:

Low speeds and skill levels are to be expected at the academy level. The problem and failure is never addressing this elementary school skill assessment and asking skills to improve during a career.

Skill Development and the Real World

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It all came together… for once.

Didya ever notice how it’s not hard to nail a reload, not hard to nail the draw, not hard to fire 6 fast accurate shots, but all together with 6 more accurate shots?

Yeah, not that easy.

Which puts the foolish bleating from self-appointed tactical experts about why a drill like this isn’t useful into perspective.

Yes, the skills involved are elementary. Yes, the targets and scenario are known in advance. It should be easy. Overcoming the various gremlins involved make it a challenge.

Consistently performing this drill under 10 seconds with all centered hits indicates sufficient skill to shoot at the “speed of life.” The performance above is twice that fast.

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