George Harris
President & CEO
International Firearms Consultants, LLC

It’s a battle that I fought all the way to the Pentagon to simplify combat marksmanship training. I even proved it with live examples. Got great reviews and promises but in the end, little changed.

Some of my former team members and world champion shooters still do what they can but big Army can’t see the forest for the trees. Reminds me of the “Hardly Able to Do Little Construction Company” Fucked Up Like a Football Bat and apt to stay that way.

BTW, I shot and maxed the pistol qualification more than one time with witnesses, shooting the pistol upside down, left handed, just to show that qualification meant little more than being able to point the gun and pull the trigger crudely. This when many of those that needed to qualify, having been “previously trained”, could not hit the target anywhere with more than 50% of their shots. Just like the L.E. community where the safest place on the range is behind the target.

As a wise man once said, “Shooting is the hardest simple thing to do that one is likely to undertake.” I believe the man once had a speed shop and gun shop under the same roof, which was ventilated by the mother of one of his friends when she wanted to know if the gun she was holding would fire or not….