RIP Jack Arcularius

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Jack Arcularius was laid to rest during a ceremony at Camp Perry prior to the 2022 National Trophy Match. Jack was a retired Marine, Vietnam Veteran and father of SFC John Arcularius.

Link to ceremony video:

Interview with Jack Arcularius:

Jack Arcularius: Sniper Training History

MSG Norman Anderson: Being Of Service Rifle

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An interview with one of High Power’s greatest competitor and coach, MSG Norman Anderson.

High Power with Issue Rifles


How much of a difference does match grade equipment make compared to standard, rack grade, issue rifles and ammunition? National champion CPT Freeman of the USAR Service Rifle Team shares his experience in competing with both.

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By actual test, the difference in score between a top end match grade rifle with highly refined sights and trigger, ammunition, and shooting accessories (padded shooting coat, sling, glove, etc.) is about 10%, even with a beat-up, bottom-edge issue rack-grade rifle and ammunition with no refinements and no shooting accessories. It will likely be even less in most cases.

BLUF: Scores are earned by skill. Even the best match-grade equipment can only account for the last few percentage points in the score.

The same holds true with handguns and practical shooting.


Since posting this video, All Army and other Service Conditions matches have held more National Match Course events requiring as-issued, rack-grade weapons. The scores demonstrated in this video occurred with competitors that had not practiced and fully prepared to shoot Across The Course with non-match equipment.

Since then, NMC events with issue gear have become more common at Service Conditions events and competitors have done a better job preparing. Using as-issued, rack-grade M4-series shooting issue ball ammunition (M855 green tip) winning scores are now in the 450-460 range. This is largely due to their practice efforts revealing how much (or how little…) sling tension will pull point of impact away from target center with an issue weapon lacking a float tube.

Hawaii Marines Improve Range and Qualification Scores


The United States Marine Corps Table 1 Qualification Course is derived from the 50 round National Match Course and is a test of fundamental marksmanship, base skills which apply to any situation and regardless of sights used. Anything less than 250 points indicates fundamentals can be improved. Even a perfect 250 can be improved upon as the USMC qual targets are large.

Details are in MARINE CORPS ORDER 3574.2K
Page 66 (B-1)

Click to access MCO%203574.2K.pdf

The Hawaii Marines wisely chose to eliminate variables not congruent with this test. This is a smart move. Table 1 is not a simulation, a dick-measuring contest, or any other stupid thing wannabes (or Marines not good enough to make it to the Pacific Division Matches or elsewhere) pretend it is. It is a test of fundamentals with feedback. Any score less than 250 can be improved. Despite the chest thumping, very few Marines shoot this well.

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