Many “games’ll getcha killed” arguments are based on the Newhall Incident and they are even more false than the commonly mis-told story behind the actual incident. This is stupid and possibly dangerous on many fronts.

  1. It is disturbing how much tactical “fact” will be accepted blindly based only on popular myth. A story repeated enough times becomes “truth” even though it is wrong or based on an incident that never occurred.
  2. Any actual or claimed training problems at Newhall were incurred during tactical (police) training and not from participation in anything else.
  3. It’s arguable that Officer Pence did nothing wrong. Fighting is dangerous. Even skilled people performing well can still be killed.
  4. The incident didn’t even happen as is often quoted.
  5. As poorly reported as the Newhall Incident is, at least there was an actual incident that occurred even if the repeated story about it is wrong. “Games’ll getcha killed” arguments are NOT based on any actual incidents or facts at all. There are ZERO actual incidents where competition shooters used “match tactics” in a fight and were shot or killed because of it.

This report from PoliceOne shows how the commonly accepted story of the Newhall Incident is mostly fabrication.