Kyle Defoor, former US Navy SEAL and instructor for TigerSwan, now runs his own company, Defoor Proformance Shooting.


He describes his courses, such as Advanced Carbine Course, as athletic events:

“It’s an athletic event” is also an apt description for a gunfight. Stress, like that of a gunfight, raises our heart rate, quickens our breathing and otherwise affects our bodies much like physical exertion. If we’re not training under stress, we’re not really training for a gunfight. In the training environment, there are two ways of imparting that stress. The first is adding the pressure of time, which is common in most modern firearms instruction. The second is adding physical exertion, which is all too uncommon. Defoor utilizes both ways, setting himself apart from other trainers in the industry.

One important aspect of training is having ways to measure performance, both for establishing a baseline against which to measure improvement and for comparing one’s abilities to those of peers or given standards. Defoor had us jump right in with a basic rifle marksmanship test wherein we fired 10 rounds from 100 yards prone, 8 rounds from 75 yards kneeling, 8 rounds from 50 yards standing, and 8 rounds from 25 yards standing, all on an NRA B-8 target. Scoring was simply based on the scoring rings on the target.