Sorry, but she did not. Unless my math is off, Phil Strader won the 2015 USPSA Single Stack Nationals. Here are the full results:

Click to access 2015-Single-Stack-Finals-finish.pdf

Jessie Duff was 41st place overall and 25th place Master class.

Yes, Ms. Duff was 1st place female, finishing after the first place Master (Jacob Hetherington, 5th overall), first place Senior (Ron Avery, 10th overall), first place A class (Ryan Stinar, 25th overall), first place LEO (Craig Underdown, 28th overall), first place B class (Kenneth Chang, 34th overall), and the actual High Overall first place winner, Phil Strader.

I’m all for recognizing a variety of categories and classes at any match. Only one person is going to win high overall, so having additional skill classifications and categories is a great way to further competition among many different groups of competitors. It’s sort of like a mini match inside the match. For example, in the International Powerlifting Federation a female in the 47 KG class is never going to out total a male in the 120 KG class but they all can compete on the same platform.

High Lady is an important category, but it is one of several other categories. Phil Strader won the 2015 USPSA Single Stack Nationals. Jessie Duff did not “win” the 2015 USPSA Single Stack Nationals any more than Jacob Hetherington, Ron Avery, Ryan Stinar, Craig Underdown, or Kenneth Chang did.