Endurance Race: Safety and Participation

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About 2,500 Boston Marathon runners receive medical treatment

Boston Globe, April 16, 2018

The food, drinks, coffee, and roaring fire in the building’s front room took on a more serious purpose as more than 50 injured competitors streamed in, many suffering from symptoms of hypothermia.

“It’s just become this impromptu shelter for running refugees,” said associate pastor Ashley Murphy, who lives nearby and had already raided her pantry and linen closet for food, towels, and dry clothes.

More than 2,500 runners, including 25 elite athletes, received medical treatment, race organizers said. Eighty-one runners were taken to the hospital.

Given 29,978 runners registered for the 2018 Boston Marathon (and they had to pre-qualify to be accepted), this is more than a 8.3% casualty rate. Contrast this to the injury rates common at shooting or strength sport events, which are comparatively non-existent.


Please note, statistically speaking, running is a perfectly safe activity, especially when done for recreation and exercise. The vast majority of participants will find benefit. It’s just that lifting weights for any reason (recreation, exercise, training, or sport) is even safer and more beneficial. It’s worth pointing out that high-level running competitors advocate strength training for improved performance and injury prevention.

So why do endurance sports enjoy positive attention? The stats continue to show why non-shooting events receive attention while shooting events do not.

29,978 runners registered for the 2018 Boston Marathon, supported by 9,500 volunteers, over 500,000 spectators, and $830,500 in prizes. There were another 10,000 participants at the BAA 5K around the Boston Common held just before.
The 2018 Boston Marathon: By The Numbers by Kurt Badenhausen, Forbes Magazine

Contrast this to participation rates at shooting or strength sport events and you’ll have your answer.


Five Facts About Guns, Schools, & Violence


Due to emotion rather than fact, school shootings receive attention far out of proportion to the actual risk they pose. People admonishing everyone to think about the children would be doing a far greater service focusing on automobile, bicycle, sports, and swimming safety than this. Here are the numbers:


Child Safety in School


Tragedy garners media attention. The masses like to rubber neck and media outlets are happy to oblige them. Unfortunately, knee jerk, irrational “solutions” come more quickly and are voiced more loudly than true causation and an understanding of real problems and statistics.

Emotion is easier than math.


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