Comparing Small Arms Training: WWII and Today


Zeroing Day


taken from this more comprehensive film:


I guess yelling at recruits 25 meters away with a mug of coffee is considered "coaching"...





What machine gun gunnery is supposed to look like.


Who needs sights anyway?

However, this 1971 classic remains my favorite official Army training film of all time.

SHARP was invented after 1971, obviously...

A Culture of Good Marksmanship Makes for a Good Police Force

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Another good article from Kevin Creighton. It’s worth nothing that every branch of the armed forces in our Department of Defense has official, regulatory guidance on conducting competitive shooting for service personnel and this formal, written policy is that such activity is a beneficial form of training. Most police departments do as well. In addition, Title 36 of the U.S. Code, Chapter 407 spells out the legal requirements for conduct of marksmanship and shooting competition. Conduct of shooting competition such as the National Matches and Small Arms Firing School are mandated by Federal law.

The problem is illiteracy, specifically, personnel (especially those in positions of authority) not realizing what the regulations actually say and failing to implement published requirements.

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