Machine Gun Gunnery: Commonwealth Militaries

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My comments on the “Death of Machine Gun Gunnery”  apply mostly to United States troops.

If this video is any indication, Canadians appear to get it (at least they try to use Fire Commands):

Here are Brits “singing Gimpy”

Sadly, I have not yet found an equivalent video featuring soldiers from the US. If you have one let me know!

Automatic Rifles: Should the M249 be replaced?


The FN Minimi was pressed into the role of automatic rifle by US forces in the early 1980s. While FN’s “Mini Mitrailleuse” is a good machine gun, it is a clumsy automatic rifle.


M60 Machine Gun



Note the loading procedure with cover down. This was how belt-fed weapons were normally loaded. Given the M60 lacked provision to automatically align the feed cam lever, keeping the cover closed insured this was never out of time with the bolt.


At 2:45 in the video is a demonstration of sustained fire with a M122 tripod and T&E. Note the bipod works as a handle to remove and handle hot barrels.

The Death of Machine Gun Gunnery

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The Death of Machine Gun Gunnery


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