Special Forces Weapons Sergeant on competition shooting

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Guys who totally poo-poo competition are pretty much fucksticks. Don’t judge just by what the loudest/dumbest (usually those go hand in hand) have to say on the Internet.

- Jon Canipe
Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, 5th Special Forces Group(A)
Senior Instructor, JFK Special Warfare Center and School

Grooving Bad Habits


Too often, tactical types just don’t get it. They avoid improving obvious, useful (though less flashy) skills in favor of fixating on rare, edge cases.

General Omar Bradley on Marksmanship

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“What would you do differently if you were to invade Normandy again?”

I’d concentrate on Marksmanship.

- General Omar Bradley
Commander, First Army during D-Day, 6 June, 1944


The Value of Conventional Competition


This excellent write up was by a competitive shooter and pawn shop owner that goes by “Flimflam” as to why he likes conventional shooting.

Performance Shooting with Frank Proctor


Performance Shooting with Frank Proctor

I started my training company in January 2012 and as I started it I struggled with what flavor of shooting I would focus on, tactical or competitive. I ended up at a blend and for a lack of a better term I simply call it Performance Shooting.

Functional Fitness and Practical Shooting Skills

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Observations from Jess Banda, Everyday No Days Off

Skill Classification works, Equipment Divisions don’t matter

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Skill Classification systems used by national level shooting organizations work. They are a reasonably good metric of skill among competitors. Equipment Divisions don’t matter that much. When compared to the shooter’s skill, the gear used has a negligible effect on score.

This outstanding writeup (“It’s not the Arrow, It’s the Indian“) by Ron Larimer of When the Balloon Goes Up! confirms this.

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