Nonsense Training


Nonsense Training
by Dave Spaulding


Ego Defenses

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Ego Defenses
by Claude Werner


All Army Small Arms Championships


All Army Small Arms Championships
February 1-7 2015

Qualified to offer Tactical Training, Again

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So it turns out some sheriff in Florida is notably unskilled with issue firearms, even when compared to police officers. Shocking to hear, I know.

Flagler County Sheriff Jim Manfre, who has pushed for bans on certain firearms, drew deserved criticism for not being able to pass minimal local police qualification standards. Apparently, he isn’t even required to attempt this. “There is no such requirement [to pass basic qualification] that exists for the constitutional office of County Sheriff,” the article notes.

It is worth pointing out that if Sheriff Manfre cared to, he could put himself up as a tactical trainer and offer classes. His credentials could legitimately read:

  • Certified law enforcement professional with more than a decade’s experience.
  • Passed multiple law enforcement firearms certifications
  • Extensive leadership experience as elected County Sheriff
  • Regularly audited law enforcement firearms training and gained a deep understanding of multi-agency training programs


What Right Looks Like


Good shooting requires good feedback and the only way to get it is learning to keep your eyes open.

It is nearly impossible to progress until the ability to consistently and accurately call shots is developed. That is, seeing the sights lift in recoil as the triggered shot is released. Seeing that tenth of a second window that tells you where your shot really went.

Most gun owners never develop that ability, or even realize its importance. Here is an example of what this is supposed to look like by COL Denise Loring of the USAR Marksmanship Program.

Notice her eye stays open for every fired shot. Man up and learn to shoot like her.

Glock Armorer Overview

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passed along from John Tate

Point Shooting by Charles Askins


Bullseye Champion and Border Patrol gunfight vet Charles Askins gave his take on point shooting in this 1955 article.

Throwback Thursday: Point Shooting

Thanks to John Tate for passing this along!


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