cs-logo-1ConventionalShooter℠: Traditions in Marksmanship

Conventional shooting is the foundation of all marksmanship. The components of every training doctrine for every discipline in which a firearm can be employed can be traced back to the Conventional Shooters who developed them.

The first formal training programs for military and police began from Conventional Shooters. The modern Olympiad was founded by a Conventional Shooter. National Match Course, Olympic, Bullseye, et al., develops and tests the fundamental core of shooting, regardless of discipline.

Bullseye and “formal target shooting” appear to have taken a back seat to the flash of practical and tactical… to the detriment of those participants!

ConventionalShooter℠ promotes the original, and the time-proven, best approach to ultimate mastery of marksmanship skills.

Conventional shooting is the foundation of all marksmanship and ConventionalShooter℠ promotes all forms of conventional shooting.

There are a host of organizations for Conventional Shooting, some having existed for over a century. Why do we need another?

Simple. Effectiveness, or lack there of. A harsh statement, but an accurate one. A number of conventional shooting disciplines pre-date baseball, basketball, golf and other ball-and-stick games. Conventional Shooting laid the foundations for all forms of marksmanship development, for military, police and all citizens. Yet, despite this head start and important heritage, Conventional Shooters have been forced to take a back seat.

Common complaints range from “anti-gun media” to “bullseye is too boring.” All these obstacles are misconceptions that can be overcome by an efficient, competent organization managed by directors and shooters who truly understand Conventional Shooting from the shooter’s perspective and can promote it to the highest levels possible.

Do you want your sport to be easier to run and manage? Do you want an organization that can positively promote you and your shooting to the masses? ConventionalShooter is that organization.

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