funshoot-logoFirearm User Network℠ is the organization that fully organizes shooting and shooters. We host a number of Programs of our own design and our services are capable of supporting all forms of shooting events.

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FUNshoot℠ is the site hosting the web interface to our services.

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This is your portal to the future of effective management of marksmanship programs. Our state of the art, enterprise-class, solutions and tools offer an unprecedented amount of power to ranges and clubs of all sizes, all at a price the smallest ranges and poorest shooters can afford. Industry-sponsored tools are free for everyone!

  • Mailing and contact list management
  • Scoring programs flexible enough to handle all forms of shooting
  • Database-backed web sites for registered ranges, clubs, and shooters
  • Newsletter tools that instantly publishes and distributes club info to all members
  • Publicity tools that generate a positive image for firearm users
  • Media management that gets pro-gun stories about ranges, clubs and shooters in the news
  • Classification and qualification services for shooter-members
  • Web-based tools and interfaces that you don’t have to download or install
  • …All with a single, simple interface that automates most of the work for you!

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