This rant came about after Rob Leatham won an IDPA championship and the belief his participation wasn’t fair. Let’s talk about sponsored shooters and how “fair” it is for them to shoot against “average” shooters.

You didn’t come in first because you lost. A superior shooter beat you. His sponsorship and gun had nothing to do with it. You were outclassed from the word “go”. Is that Rob Leatham’s fault? No, it’s your fault because you didn’t train as hard as he did.

Rob Leatham won his first IPSC Nationals in 1983. He was World Champion three times. Then and only then did he receive sponsorship in 1989.

How many nationals have you won? Do you even shoot at the Master level? If the answers are “no”, then you are to blame. Who has an ego problem, the person who won fair and square or a poor loser who blames “Mega Corporate Sponsorship?”

“Average” shooters are quick to complain about sponsored shooters stealing “their” prizes and winning “their” matches. Let’s talk about Mega Corporate Sponsored competitors. The media crams basketball, baseball, and football down our throats. Why don’t you complain about these guys? A friend of mine told me NFL games now run three figures for a ticket in the cheap seats. You have no chance to win anything. Hell, you don’t even get a chance to play. You just sit there like a moron for a few hours for the “privilege” of watching Mega Corporate Sponsored players. If you’re stupid enough to buy a ticket to a corporate sports game, try walking on the field and announce to the players and referee that you want to play next. Remind them that you paid to attend and you deserve a chance to play. Then security kicks you out.

Or you could spend your $100+ and go to a State-level tournament (likely with money left over to buy gas and lunch) and have an honest chance to win. At least the refs will let you on the field to play. At the IDPA Nationals EVERYONE got to play. EVERYONE had an equal chance to win. The SO/RO/referees were not biased to Leatham. You got beat, fair and square. DEAL WITH IT!! Stop reading this and dry practice for two hours. Then go to the range for a few hours. Then exercise and for 30-60 minutes. Record your results in a journal. Repeat every day for the next 5-20 years. Then you will keep up with Mr. Leatham and the other “Mega Corporate Sponsored” shooters. You’ll probably be able to get a “Mega Corporate Sponsorship” for yourself!

If you are unwilling or unable to do this, your loss is YOUR fault. Don’t blame anyone else. Skills are earned through trial, effort, and motivation. No “Mega Corporate Sponsored” shooter hides any “secret” technique. The information is out there. All you have to do is practice it. If you don’t, look for the problems in your mirror.

Besides, if a non-shooter was flipping through channels, who would they be more impressed by? Leatham or some “average” Sharpshooter? TNN should showcase the best. Why does an untalented, mediocre shooter deserve TV time if Leatham doesn’t?