Successful Shooting
by Bill Pullum and Frank T Hanenkrat

The best marksmanship books are typically written by high level competition shooters because it is rare to find high level marksmen without competition experience. Problem is these books tend to focus on the specific shooting discipline and are primarily read by other competitors in that discipline.

General gun owners, hunters, military and law enforcement need to be exposed to higher level shooting in order to understand it. Successful Shooting is a rare gem that is written by someone involved in top notch shooting competition but addresses shooting to the gun owning masses.

Lieutenant Colonel William C. Pullum was a coach of the US Army Marksmanship Unit Service Rifle and International Rifle teams. He also had personal, high level shooting experience having competed as a service rifle shooter and earning the Distinguished Rifleman Badge. His major contribution was coaching highly successful Olympic Rifle Teams during the height of the US programs, back when United States shooting community actually cared enough to support Olympic shooters. Lones Wigger, Lanny Bassham, and John Writer were a few of the Olympians on Pullum’s team.

Successful Shooting takes Pullum’s lessons learned from International Rifle competition and puts them in the context of shooting for everyone owning a firearm. The first chapter, Recoil and Related Esoterica, is worth the price of the book alone. Quite frankly, if you don’t understand the ideas discussed therein (and most gun owners don’t) you simply do not understand how to zero a firearm and your shooting will forever suffer for it.