by Dan John

When you post online, use your real name. If you don’t want your boss or your mom to read it, don’t post it.

It’s like these Rambos who come out of the ether to post whenever a killing spree takes place. Invariably, they say something like, “Yeah, they were lucky I wasn’t there, cuz I woulda grabbed that rifle and shoved it up his ass and fired until it went click.” Really? That’s what would have happened?

Likewise, I’ll post an article and someone will type something like, “Yeah, I just did the 10,000 swings with the 24K kettlebell and the workout was great.” Or, we see, “Yeah, I just back-squatted 500 pounds for 50 reps… good workout.”

Right. I believe you! Some day, I hope to visit Gotham City for real and see all these superheroes in person.

Do yourself a favor and be you online. Anonymity plus audience often equals asshole. Try not to be one. Make mom proud.