Look at the attached photo (just a sample of a point).

Notice the shooter is standing quite erect. Similar (but with drastically different results) to my offhand posture … and I believe that of most match shooters.

Now, contrast this with Keith Sanderson’s pistol posture – a pronounced FORWARD lean to both neck and head.

Sure, he’s in a combat mode, but still …

Why the difference?

The goal.

The 10 ring on the AR-5 target is a 0.5mm dot surrounded by a 5.5mm 9 ring. That means scoring a 10 has to be within the 4.5mm pellet’s diameter to hit that dot, which works out to a roughly 1.7MOA 10 ring. Plus, scored electronically, shooters are awarded tenth of point values based on how perfectly centered that ten actually was.

Air rifle is shot exclusively from standing. At the Olympic level, nearly perfect scores are common. In the 2012 Olympics the top 32 shooters shot 590 or better with 60 record shots. The worst shooter at that match shot 575. Consider High Power uses an SR target for standing with a 3.5 MOA ten ring and standing accounts for 20-40% of the total score.

Recoil recovery is a non issue. Consistently breaking centered shots on an insanely-small target from standing is. Positions evolved toward the end goal.