Post video of a skillful display of shooting and/or gunhandling, preferably one with a specific competitive focus.

Wait for other gun owners to explain why what was demonstrated didn’t count, isn’t realistic/relevant, uses unrealistic/gamer/rooney equipment, was faked, how they could do better if the shooting was more like the real stuff with real guns they use, etc.

It’s almost as if it’s an affront for others to be skilled.

Most gun owners are low-skilled and novice levels, including (especially?) law enforcement and military personnel. Most gun owners that aren’t involved in formal competition or higher-level instruction have never seen truly skilled shooter perform. Given that video demonstrations sometimes fail, the best way is to do live and in person, preferably at an event where everyone in attendance will also try. This sorts out who can and can’t and provides a deeper appreciation for those that worked hard to perform well.