Julian Hatcher was a true authority on firearms and shooting.

Regarding competition shooting, MG Hatcher, who was Double Distinguished (both rifle and pistol) commented on “conventional pistol shooting” in his book, TEXT BOOK OF PISTOLS AND REVOLVERS. Low level shooters won’t like this but it matters not. They and their comments played into Hatcher’s hands proving he was right. Note this was written before practical shooting was its own formal, established competitive and training discipline, so Hatcher’s description of “practical” users here refers to gun owners with no competition experience and little to no training (military, police, most gun owners, etc.)


Many so-called practical users of pistols or revolvers are fond of making fun of target shooting, and of advice given on how to learn this branch of the sport. Such an attitude is well understood by the psychologist. It is founded on the unconscious jealousy and feeling of inferiority that the poor shot feels when he sees a well trained marksman making scores out his power to equal. Unconsciously he will try to belittle that accomplishment that he does not possess, so that he will seem to his audience to be just as important and well equipped as the good marksman whom he ridicules.

Julian Hatcher; “Textbook of Pistols and Revolvers” 1935