My Old 649
by Robert Kolesar

Recently, I dug out my 649 from somewhere in the back of the safe for some photos…I hadn’t shot (or handled) it in awhile, so I thought it might be time to put some rounds through it. I gathered up some ammo and headed to the range. After putting 50 or so rounds downrange, I realized why I liked this gun so long ago; it’s an easy-shooting revolver, with mellow recoil and quick recovery, even with plus P loads.

I got this 649 as a prize for winning my 1st PPC match as a new shooter with the LAPD Pistol Team. It came with my initials and badge engraved on the sideplate. Before putting it into mothballs, I added a gorgeous set of Coco-Bolo checkered stocks; I had always carried it with Pachmayrs for duty. I still have those old Pachmayr Compacs; I put them back on for shooting and photos. I’m now carrying it again in a new IWB holster from Bell Charter Oak; the older one has earned its retirement after 25 plus years.

I tried wadcutters, Speer Gold Dots and some 158 gr +P LSWCHP loads.

Great grouping at 10 yards with Gold Dots. Hot, light loads tend to shoot low; these weren’t too bad. I aimed at the top of the 10-ring. Gold Dots are probably the best short-barreled factory defense load you can buy today, with an excellent track record with both the LAPD and NYPD in street shootings.

My old warrior and its battered holster, veterans of many an LAPD street caper, updated with new 135 grain Gold Dots. Still a great carry combo today. It now rides in a Bell Charter Oak IWB.

New leather holster by Bell Charter Oak, with an S&W 442 Airweight .38 inside. An excellent replacement for my older IWB rig. Small .38s are best carried inside the waistband or in a pocket. Due to the DA trigger, IWB is totally safe, with good, rapid access to the revolver.

My issued M67 and M649, both outfitted in their original Pachmayrs from "back in the day".