How To Reload Like A Legend
by SGT Kristoffer Friend and CPT Kirk “The Legend” Freeman

You may have differing thoughts on reloading techniques but you can’t argue with CPT Freeman’s success. Arguably the best long range shooter on our team, he even tied a record during Interservice. His techniques may make reloading longer, but if it gets you a point, or an X, isn’t it worth it?

To win matches you need to use Sierra 80’s with Varget powder (and lots of it). TEST YOUR UPPERS if your upper loves the team ammo, great, but what happens when you don’t have it? Have a back up plan (300 yards plus is preferred by The Legend when testing long range ammo). The Legend uses 25.0gr of powder in order to shoot his 200’s with buttloads of Xs. Each upper varies so we suggest starting with about 24.6 and working your way up to see what shot groups do.

Our team long range ammo is pretty damn good, but using it I couldn’t keep up with The Legend’s X counts. This presentation is geared toward 600 yard ammo.

Other load data:

The Legend uses Remington 7 1/2 Bench Rest Primers for his 80s and 77s.
77s are loaded to magazine length with 24.5gr Varget.
69gr Sierras 25.8gr of Winchester748 powder (MUST USE WINCHESTER PRIMERS)