From Tony Brong

Occasionally I attempt to provide information that some may perceive as news or basic updates relative to the sport. There’re plenty of old posts in the blog dealing with upcoming matches, analysis of ammo and components, highlights about shooting products—and at times—rule changes.

In our modern era, it’s important to be reasonably informed on the issues that shape our sport.

Over the past month and a half I’ve tried to keep you informed, especially those who don’t attend the Nationals, about the evolving issue of electronic targets.

My own opinion is it’s a game changer. But it’s also an issue rightly deserving proper investigation.
Allow me to clarify a few things. First off, I’m not a journalist or reporter. Hopefully none of you ever came away with the impression that I attempted to be one.

Since I have absolutely no credentialing or standing as a member of the media, it’s a one-way street. What you read on my blog comes from my keyboard directly to your monitor or smartphone. Be apprised, I’m biased. I believe in basic but intangible things such as tradition, fair play and the simple but elegant respect we typically have for one another.

As to the current issue with electronic targets, in an earlier time, most of us would have simply awakened one morning and found to our surprise the game and its related rules had substantially changed.

Currently the jury’s still out as to whether I’ll publish future posts on this topic. I’ll wait to see what presents itself, and then decide.

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