While accuracy is the great god of the rifleman, its single-minded pursuit may occasionally obscure some of the facts of life. The difference between one-minute accuracy and two-minute accuracy is the difference between heaven and hell to the purist, but I sometimes wonder if it matters much in a weapon intended for general use in the field.

A one-minute weapon will strike within one inch its point of aim at two-hundred yards, while a two-minute piece will strike within two. You can’t see that increment with anything but a high-power telescope, and you couldn’t hold that close if you could see it, from any field position.

This is by no means intended to disparage the splendid achievements of both our hobbyists and our commercial manufacturers in their continuing search for the ultimate in precision. We should only hear in mind that even three-minute accuracy may be all a hunter can appreciate, and that four minutes may suffice a minimally-trained soldier who is shooting at man-sized targets under conditions of great excitement.

– Jeff Cooper

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