S.M.A.R.T. is a guide that helps with goal setting.

  • Specific: Goals must be specific in their detail
  • Measurable: Goals must measurable in quantity, time, cost.
  • Achievable: Goals must be achievable within a timescale.
  • Relevant: Goals must be relevant.
  • Timescale: Goals must have a timescale otherwise they will never be finished.

Any organized shooting format allows this.  Consider a person involved in competitive shooting discipline. Specific goals of earning a certain number of points or winning an event abound. A score is your measurement. We know it’s achievable based on other scores/results. The events are as relevant as you care to make them. If a given competitive course isn’t relevant, change it or make a new one. Timescale is enforced by having matches set specific days, requiring you to be prepared for them.

Any program that fails to take these matters into consideration is not SMART.