This from Practical Firearms Training

Are you competent from one end of your weapon system’s effective range to the other?

There is a significant trend in training to stand on line and hose a rather forgiving target with a bunch of rounds for 10 yards or so. While the “average” gun fight (whatever that is) happens up close, we have effectively turned our carbines into large pistols.

In speaking with another well known instructor, he mentioned a regional tactical team that zeroed their carbines for 7 yards since they “just did entries”. They caught a job in the middle of class and left to respond. They tracked their suspect down to a large field where the longest shot could have easily been in the hundreds of yards. When asked what their hold off for that distance would be, they simply gave him the deer in the headlights look.

They had catered their training and equipment to one end of the spectrum and completely disregarded the other. Part of this is due to looking at statistics and gearing towards that. The other part is ego driven training. We do what is easy and what we are good at.

Being able to deliver rapid shots up close is certainly important. But why not strive to be able to engage a target from less than muzzle distance away out to several hundred yards?